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  • We Are Accurate Marine
    Authorized Yamaha Motor Sales, Service & reconditioned outboard motors
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    New Motors
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    Used & Rebuilt
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  • We take care of engine rebuilds,
    crankshaft overhauls, propellor repairs and more.
  • We deliver Awesome Services
    We sell used ,new, and reconditioned outboard motors.
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NEW Outboard Motors

Used/Rebuilt Motors

Leftover Motors

Accurate Marine

Accurate Marine has a broad inventory of new and used Yamaha outboard motor engines and parts. If you need any used, new, reconditioned outboard parts, please contact us and we will get you the best price available. We sell used ,new, and reconditioned outboard motors.

In addition, we have a large inventory of used boats, used outboard boats, used inboard boats.

Our website has over 1,000 products for you to choose from, and order directly from our shopping cart, or call us directly.

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